Lead a life full of adventure

Outdoor events and programmes
for teenagers, families and adults

If we don't spend time in nature we can lose touch with our prime source of inspiration and wellbeing.

Offices, classrooms, phones and sofas can’t serve the wild, free part of you that yearns for your body to be actively engaged and your senses to be gloriously tingled.

My events and courses guide adults, children and families back out into wild places.  I bring together bushcraft and expeditions; risk and play; challenge and chilling out; expanding horizons and exploring inwards – all in the arena of the woods, hills and mountains.

(Re)discover a sense of adventure

...through challenging endeavour and gaining outdoorsy skills

Develop deeper relationships

...through shared experiences with new friends or your family / colleagues / class

Feel more wildly alive

...through getting back in amongst the stirring and enchanting natural world


Programmes & events


Resourcing young people through risk, challenge and meaningful shared experiences

Check out: Wolf Pack for Boys (13-15), Wolf Pack for Girls (13-15) and Call to Adventure (boys 12-13)


Wild woodland weekends packing in everything dads and their kids really want to do with each other, but never get the excuse

Check out weekends for: Fathers & Sons, Fathers & Daughters, Fathers & Both


A different environment inspires different perspectives. Getting a team outdoors together can have a big impact


An outdoor classroom brings the best kind of learning: the type where you don't even know it's happening


Adults need to get outside more. There are many hidden realms to explore, both outwardly and inwardly


Stretch, Twang, Thunk. Archery is cool. I run 5-hour archery sessions, for groups or families, at my woodland archery range

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