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Camps & expeditions for schools

There is an increasing understanding amongst educators and policy makers of the benefits that time spent outdoors has on children and their development on multiple levels. It is well evidenced that it is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood but also teaches critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

A school adventure can feel like an ‘escape’ from the classroom and school groups, resulting in a shift in dynamics between peers, their teachers and with nature.  This can bring about a ‘spike’ in opportunities for personal development and learning.

There is a range of options for getting children outdoors and thriving.

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Woodland camps

Woodland camps blend bushcraft, nature awareness, play and a touch of survival that make the most of a child’s sense of adventure and curiosity in the natural world.

The aim is to empower the children with new skills, to deepen their relationship to nature and each other, and breed a new confidence to continue a life of adventure for themselves.

These programmes require the children to respond to a demanding (and enjoyable) sequence of tasks in an unfamiliar setting. The activities can challenge and bring out abilities in areas such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, observation, leadership, organisation, responsibility and integrity.

Hiking expeditions

An expedition, guided and coached by expert mentors, is an experience which naturally places a participant right on their learning edge, the furthest reach of their comfort zone.

It’s an ancient form of adventure where participants tend to learn new aspects of themselves, and surprise themselves with their capabilities.

It’s both a physical and social endeavour, which provides a real feeling of freedom and self-reliance, and a long-lasting feeling of bonding from the rich shared experience.

“Chris established an excellent rapport with our students from the start, getting them excited and actively engaged as soon as they arrived for our residential. Not only did he demonstrate a strong understanding of how to manage a large group of children, his interaction with students was always positive and developmentally appropriate. Chris was clearly concerned about the social and emotional well-being of our students, and the activities on offer masterfully balanced play, imagination, adventure, and outdoor skills. It was such a memorable and high quality nature-based learning experience, that we asked him to return the following year.”

Chris Hupp, Class teacher, ACS Cobham