Adult Events


Adults need to get out more

‘Why did you leave me to die?’
Asks the wild god and you say:
‘I was busy surviving.
The shops were all closed;
I didn’t know how. I’m sorry.’
Tom Hirons, Sometimes a Wild God

More than ever, it’s time to reconnect with the natural world that we are part of, and have kind of left behind on our march indoors.

There is a wild part in all of us, and it provides us with lust for life, with our imaginations and our inspiration.  It is fed by our senses, by meaningful endeavour, and by starlight, birdsong, leaf litter and mountain breeze.

If it is not fed, it scuttles off into a cave, and takes our expanded horizons with it, and the feeling of being part of something much bigger.  And it leaves us just as ‘poor little us’, in a rut and clutching a massive To Do list.

Adults are often very good at finding excellent reasons not to go outdoors.

It is true that lots of basic skills have been lost.  We outsource lots of useful human functions to our phones.  Comfort and convenience makes us a bit numb and forget that we are animals built for adventure.

With care and guidance to make the real outdoors feel accessible, adults can get themselves back outside again, to find that the wild god comes rushing back out of its cave remarkably quickly.  An ancient friend reunited.  Satisfying abilities and sumptuous primal feelings return to our bodies.

This is what my adult events are for.  Workshops, woodland experiences and expeditions in varying shapes and forms will come and go here…

Events coming in 2024

Embracing the Inevitable: A weekend in the woods exploring Ageing, Death and Renewal

Friday 19th April 7pm to Sunday 21st April 2pm

A weekend exploring our relationship to ageing, to challenge our preconceived ideas about dying, to explore purpose as it relates to growing older. And through these collective enquiries we may come away feeling nourished together with a sense of embracing the next seasons that life holds for us.

Over the few days there will be both structured practices to support different ways of knowing and relating to the ageing process as well as emergent unstructured time around the fire and in the woods.

You shall be well looked after.