Archery Sessions


Archery is SO COOL

And it can be explored from many different angles, it doesn’t just have to involve straining to get high scores.

They take places at my woodland archery range in West Sussex.

I offer public dates at different times of the year, that will appear here, where you can sign-up.

I also arrange private sessions for families / friends / groups, which we set up ourselves.

So check the private dates and book a date when they are available, or get in touch to discuss a session for your private group.

Forthcoming public session dates:

I often post dates for holidays and half terms, for family groups (adults accompanying children) and for child-only drop-off groups.

Get in touch with me if you would like to be informed of when the next dates come out.


Summer archery dates for children 11+

Monday August 12 2024
Tuesday August 13 2024

These summer archery events do not need adults attending.

Get in touch if you’d like a private family / friends archery day.

How it works

I adopt a long-form format rather than hour-long sessions, as you can really sink into it, shoot loads of arrows, play games too, and have enough practice for a bit of technique to coalesce.

Sessions can be tailored according to the group’s desires. Generally, expect more games than straight-up lessons; this is not an ‘archery school’ vibe. However, coaching will always be offered for those who desire it, or have reached a point where it’s constructive.

A typical day looks like this:

10.00 Meet up and walk in
10.30 Archery safety / demo
10.45 Archery session
11.45 Break
12.15 Archery session
1.15 Packed lunch
2.00 Archery session
3.00 End

Drinks provided, participants bring packed lunch and snacks.

Child participants under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult, and all participants will need to fill out a medical form.

Public sessions are £35 per person, in groups of up to 12 people.

For private sessions:
Minimum group size of 6 participants.
Prices vary according to group size:
10 -12 people = £35 per person
8 – 9 people = £40pp
6 – 7 people = £45pp


“Loved experiencing your woods and thought the range was great. I also loved the way you held the day… gave us just enough instruction at just the right pace and I really learnt a lot from your coaching. In fact, the only question for me was how to do it again!!” Rebecca, 2023

“I liked the size of group and that you got lots of goes. Weird how in the past on other archery times I was always frustrated I never had enough arrows. The set up in the woods and range is great. I love the arrow holders 🙂 We love all the little bits you make like the hand washing things. Makes it inspiring and warming to the place.
I appreciated your instruction and technique tips.. as you said enough to focus on and not too much at once and then individual tips for each persons next thing.
As always I appreciate the way you lead and hold the wants of the group and lead the direction of the day. It’s fab the rapport you have with the kids.” Tom, 2023

“Ah, thanks so much again for everything! It was just a brilliant, brilliant day out.” Heather, 2023