Feral Fathers


Feral Fathers: a wild woodland weekend where grown men model over-exuberant, reckless behaviour to their children.

Which, in the woods, is entirely appropriate.

Make a den with your dad. Sleep in the den with your dad… Make fire. Make a fire outside your den. Use sharp knives next to the fire outside your den. Hunt your dad in the night. Make traps. Get messy. Play games. All of it, with your dad (or uncle, godfather etc).

This weekend packs in everything dads and their kids really want to do with each other, but often don’t get the chance or the excuse.

In a beautiful piece of woodland and in a lively village atmosphere, we blend bushcraft, survival and the art of mucking around into a thread of activities that are very achievable and a lot of fun. As a big manly tribe, we shall cook and eat together, make friends, learn skills, tell fireside stories and have rip-roaring adventures together, just like dads and kids have for thousands of years.


The one for Men and Boys.

2024 dates:
10 – 12 May


The one for Men and Girls

2024 dates:
21 – 23 June


The one for Men and Boys and/or Girls

2024 dates:
7 – 9 June
20 – 22 September


"It felt like some of the most precious time we'll ever spend together. I learnt so much about her that I don't think I would've learnt any other way."
Rick Mudie
"Definitely one of the highlights of my year."
Curt Hugo
"We absolutely loved it: going back to primal survival fun... relaxed hanging out as well as organised games and whittling and some good fire madness."
Corin Hardy
"It was an outstanding weekend in all aspects. I 100% recommend this for any father and son to have a great weekend together."
Howard Stubbs
"It truly was I think one of the greatest times I've shared with my daughter."
Matt Gooderson
"My son had a number of firsts during the weekend which was wonderful to see. What we really enjoyed the most was the freedom of the camp."
James Pike